Angels and Ghosts - Audio CD

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Angels and Ghosts is my eighth studio album - released in 2016. It consists of five newer songs - including the groove/rock song Face To Face (described as a cross between the Talking Heads and the Grateful Dead) and the haunting Did Not Want to Die. It consists of four older songs that never made any album. Check out the never released songs that I wrote back in my teenage years (hence the angst lyrics) but whose melodies I always thought were advanced for my age. I love the album cover (!

1. Face To Face Face to face, grin to grin
Lips to lips, skin to skin
Heart to heart, original sin

Close your eyes, fantasize
Improvise, hypnotize
Surprise, surprise
Little white lies
2. Love At First Click You scrolled into my view
One look and then I knew
It all happened very quick
Love at the first click
And I want you
Oh I want you, Yes I do
Your profile read perfectly
Like a love letter written to me
Sometimes life and love don’t agree
At least life’s been good to me
When I come to the end of my road
I don’t want to be all alone
I need someone to call me own
3. Did Not Want to Die
Dedicated to Marjie Needham-Wood
I did not want to die
I know I am still needed
Please promise me you won’t cry
But please don’t ignore me
Where there’s a will there’s a way
I know that’s an old cliché
But you know I’ve lived that way
Until my dying days
And I closed up most loose ends
Cuz tomorrow is not promised
I don’t want to burden my friends
And I have no regrets now
If at first you don’t succeed
There’s always a plan B
Don’t say no, say yes
And do your very best
My spirit will travel with you
It’s OK to grieve and be confused
As long as you know what to do
And live life to the fullest
And I did not want to die
4. No Doubt About It No doubt about it
We were a good fit
In our own special way
No doubt about it
You wrote my obit
The day you walked away
And I think about you
Every minute of, every hour of
Every single day
No doubt about it
I will not forget
All the love in my heart
No doubt about it
No more bullshit
And no more playing games
I know you have left me
Dwelling on it isn’t healthy
Maybe it’s time to move on
Just after I’ve tied one on
5. Lease on Life Just sitting round, feeling sorry
Laid up good, and thoughts are blurry
Life ain’t easy, and life ain’t fair
Some people learn to life in despair
Passed our last evening
In pain and strife
Woke up this morning with a new
Lease on life
Some things happen, some things don’t
Sometimes you sink, sometimes you float
I used to put off, all the hard stuff
One day I realized that I’d had enough
6. St. George's Lake Life on a Lake
In a dream or awake
One day at a time
You don’t get very far

Life on a Lake
Is no life at all
Never know where you’re going
Never care where you’ve been

When I was a boy
Let my mind drift away
The wind and the water
Pulled me in deep
Come on let’s go down to
Saint George’s Lake
We’ll lie down by the shore
And take a break
My dear old mom
My poor old dad
I’m a lot like them
Holding on to what I had
7. Change Agent Come and join the change movement
Come and be an agent of change
The old ways just aren’t working
And time for change is long over due
Got to change the status quo
But change won’t be easy you know
Change that we can believe in
Change is what’s happening
We are hungry for some change
We don’t want more of the same
This change thing is catching on
Not just some phenomenon
We can change, yes we can
Change that we can believe in
We can change, yes we can
Change is what’s happening
Got to change the status quo
But change won’t be easy you know
Change that we can believe in
Change is what’s happening
We can change, yes we can
Change is what’s happening
8. Annie (You Can't Help That) You can’t help that you were born buxom
You can’t help that your hair is blonde
You can’t help that you are a lover
With more than enough for one man

You can’t help that some boys want you
You can’t help that you want them too
You can’t help that they always leave you
When all you want is not to be used
But Annie you’re still kind
And Annie you’re still tryin’
Oh Annie you’ll always be on my mind
You can’t help that mothers want to change you
You can’t help that you got what their sons need
You can’t help that all the wives are jealous
When after all they said you’d succeed

You can’t help that, you’re from a small town
You can’t help that, it’s not quite your scene
You can’t help that, you were born for summer
Let’s face it, you’re just like Norma Jean
9. Windy Hill Farm Will we ever roam these hills together again
We’d walk all day, our bodies against the wind
Following the sky blue trail, we’d make our way
To a world that we knew was always full of play

You used to show me all the plants you were growing
We’d slip between the rows of your small herb garden
And stroll down the field to where your tepee stood
Yes life at the Windy Hill Farm always felt pretty good
One night we were slipping lemon balm tea
You explained to me all about your simple philosophy
Nature was the supreme one, you loved and you feared
And you were trying to live your live so she was always revered
Will we ever roam these hills together once more
Our walks were always curious
We never knew what was in store
And the one night we spent in your brother’s little cabin
Makes me wish that you were here, lying in my arms
And I hope someday you’ll come back to the Windy Hill Farm
10. Alone Alone is one, never two
Alone is looking and longing for love
Alone is wondering
Who and why and what we are
Alone is feeling love and finding you
11. Great American Way Well I hope you see what we are doing
We’re destroying the only thing we’ve got to live for
Well I’m proud to be a human but an American I’m not
Will it take an end for us to see
The great American myth
Can’t you see the harm it’s doing
The great American way
Has fooled all the people
People take a look at what we are doing
Do we really need all the things that we have
And do you know what’s happening for us to get them
It’s destroying the only thing we’ve got to live for
The great American myth
Can’t you see the harm it’s doing
The great American dream
Is fooling all the people, Is killing all the creatures
Is polluting all the water, Is fouling up all the air
Is filling us full of crap
12. The Searcher I was the searcher but now I’m through
Seeking out something from the world
Because I no longer see myself
As a lonely ego apart from all else

I was the searcher but now I’m done
Even though I’ve got more to find
When I awoke I saw myself
As if for the first time in my life
I was the searcher…
13. Life Is Better Life is better when you find
All the love that you need in yourself
Life is better when you find
All the love that you need in nature
And it gives my life meaning
It helps me to function right
I didn’t have any real friends
Until I was a friend with myself
14. There Is Still No One I can't explain, the feelings inside me
I guess I would like, to find someone else now
Maybe she could be, someone I've knew quite had
But I can't quite get the energy to start over
It's cause there is no one
So here I sit, not really hoping
At least this way, there is no gain or loss
I guess I should be happy but I don't feel that way
I thought that I could get along for sometime
But its cause there is still no one
I guess I will wait for a lonely lady
To come my way who happens to love me
It may sound foolish but I want to take it easy
I don't think that I could get so involved again
But there is, there is still no one, there is still no one
There is still no one
15. So Troubled Sometimes life can be so troubled
I can't help but to cry
Right now my love and I are so troubled
We can't seem to work things out
Its been so long since I had to do what I did
Now I can't even function right
I have thought so much in the last few days
Now I can't even concentrate
And I hope that time will change our lives
And help us get back to a normal pace
And even though our love is gone forever
It is better we are friends