Cressey Audio & Video Studio

Welcome to my digital studio! I do audio and video production for small to medium sized media projects. I've been doing audio recording using analog tape recorders since the 1970's. More recently I started doing video production as well, to compliment my audio production work. My services include:

  • Digital Recording
  • Digital Mixing - unlimited tracks
  • Sound Synthesizing
  • Digital Mastering
  • Digital Video Taping
  • Video Editing

Audio Samples

Champagne clip - Evelyn Cormier
Got To Be Gone clip - Evelyn Cormier
Kind Eyes clip - Evelyn Cormier
Carte Postal clip - Evelyn Cormier


  • UAD Apollo Twin-X audio interface
  • Reaper Multi-track recording software
  • Sound Forge Editing software
  • Vegas Movie Studio Platinum
  • Echo Audio Layla3G audio interface
  • Roland RSM-90 studio monitors
  • Audio-Technica AT4050 condenser microphone
  • CAD e70 condensor microphone
  • Shure Beta 87A condensor microphone
  • Studiologic SL-161PRO 61-Note MIDI controller
  • ROR E3 speakers (Auratone clones)
  • Vintage amps
  • Alesis NanoPiano