Best of Cress: 1970-2005 - Audio CD

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Best of Cress:1970-2005 is my fourth studio album - released in 2006. It is a collection of my "best" songs from 1970 to 2005. I reworked some of the songs adding live drums to them played by Jeff Moulds. Some of the songs are from my first three albums and some are newly recorded songs from my catalogue. A few songs such as Make It Last, Left the Worst Behind, He Thought He Felt Something and From My Heart date from when I was a teenager.

1. Never Ever Knew Pain is an ocean
But love is the potion
Pain is the omen
But love is the amen
I never, ever knew
Until I met you
I never, ever knew
But now I do
Pain is a taker
But love is the maker
Pain is the coldness
But love is the warmest
Pain is something
That love even brings
Pain is the cost
If love is ever lost
2. Make It Last You and I were lovers
I hope that still can be
Though we went down the road
We did not find the key
But we need stop here
For we know now what was wrong
We may have similar needs
But sang different songs

Sometimes I still wonder
If people share their souls
When we love for a time
But only rock ‘n’ roll
But it’s as much a mystery
How two can share their lives
And make it through all those years
Yet seem to survive
Make It Last
I know that I still love you
Somewhere in my heart
And at times, I look back
Way back to the start
When we shared those moments
On the island of our past
Now I see that it could not be
Will I ever may it last
Make It Last
3. Restless Heart There’s a guy I’ve known, for a long, long time
Still on his own, chasing what he hopes to find
Like his women, he keeps no home too long
At signs of boredom, he plans his depart
He’s gotta, gotta restless heart
I knew a waitress, working her way through school
Kept her distance, she was nobody’s fool
Men tried to love her, but she could not choose
I hear she’s the same, single and apart
She’s gotta, gotta restless heart
And me I’ve settled down
I live in a little town
Though it’s better in many ways
I still have restless days
I've gotta, gotta restless heart
4. Summer Girls Summer girls are hard to beat
Cut-off shorts and bare feet
Vacation hearts, out of state eyes
They always take you by surprise
Summer girls
We were just the guys from town
We acted cool and hung around
The grass is green on the other side
If you don’t care about your pride
Summer girls, gotta meet
Summer girls, such a treat
Summer girls
My first love and my first kiss
You don’t forget times like this
Teenage love was such a thrill
As we made love on the hill
I was shy but she was fast
I should have know it wouldn’t last
Things were good till Labor Day
When she packed up and drove away
Summer girls
5. Sweet Spot Spend our whole life searching
Spend our whole life waiting
Spend our whole wanting love
I used to be so leery
All caught up in some theory
Thank God, I’m over all that fuss
Baby, you found my sweet spot
I don’t have no second thoughts
Baby, you leave me hot to trot
Come on, let’s keep sweating the pot
Baby, you’ve passed the test
Honey you know I’m impressed
You’re way ahead of the rest

Nothing better than music
Got to sing out or lose it
Nothing better than your love
I wanna do my own thing
I wanna hear my heart sing
I wanna keep on, keeping on
6. Don't Hurt Your Head If your plans don’t work out well
Don’t hurt your head
If your dreams don’t seem to jell
Don’t hurt your head
If you’re running low on your luck
Don’t hurt your head
The whole world has gone amuck
Don’t hurt your head

If a good friend lets you down
Don’t hurt your head
If your love strays and can’t be found
Don’t hurt your head
These are things beyond our control
Don’t hurt your head
Just remember to save your soul
Don’t hurt your head
Don’t hurt your head (repeat)
7. Feed the Fire (Cast Iron) Bed of coals, burning bright
Stoke it up and she will go all night

Cast Iron, glowing red
Damp her down or you might burn up instead
I’ve got fuel, she’s got fire
Fill me up with desire
Come on, let’s feed the fire
Breathing hard, blowing smoke
Sparks shoot up from this old Jotul stove

Find the phone, ring the bell
Dial 911 she is hot as hell
It was cold, when I woke up
She was gone and so was my pick-up truck

I should have known about her game
I guess I got burned by an old flame
8. Heart of Hearts Never thought I would
Ever feel this good
Never thought I could believe…

Some have all the luck
Some just pass the buck
I was a sitting duck for you…
After all those damn false starts
I know in my hearts of hearts
I’m coming to the best part of life…
All I know is now
All I feel is now
I’m just learning to fly …

What’s it all about
Don’t wanna leave no doubt
I can’t live without your love …

In my heart of hearts
You are off the charts
We are way too smart for sorrow
In the dream I dreamed
I saw a love supreme
We’ll be on the team tomorrow
9. The Yankee Flyer Oh New England, don’t forget me
Oh New England, don’t forget me

Back in ’35, I was ten years old
Down by the depot, we waited in the cold
For the Yankee Flyer, on her first run
One hundred tons of steel, shining in the sun

From Boston she wound, up to Crawford Notch
Looking for boulders, always on the watch
From upstate New York, through the Berkshires
No wonder they called her the Mountaineer
The Yankee Flyer was the greatest train
Ever built by the Boston & Maine
In an old yard, up near Carver Mass.
She came to rest, the last of her class
She could not outrun, the tracks of time
Barely twenty years, seemed like a crime
Oh New England, don’t forget me
Oh New England, don’t forget me
10. Left the Worst Behind All that I needed was to get away
From the race I was living
Inside a lonely dream
And I found out what real love is
With a friend of mine
And now the world has changed
I've left the worst behind
I will not go back again
11. He Thought He Felt Something He thought he felt something
He didn’t see her wedding ring
Did she like him years ago
To the day, he’ll never know
She got the smile, she got the friendly smile
She got the eyes, she got the sparkle eyes
She got the voice, she got the soothing voice
She got the hair, she got the golden hair
He thought he heard something
It had an old familiar ring
She always seemed so aloof
He always needed real proof
He thought he felt something
He thought he felt something
He thought he felt something
He thought he felt something
12. The Eagle's Wing My love must be as free
As is the eagle’s wing
Hovering over land & sea
And everything
I can not dim my eye
In some saloon
I can not leave my sky
And nightly moon

Be not the fowler’s net
Which stays my flight
And craftily is set
To allure the sight
Be then the favoring gale
Which bears me on
And still does fill my sail
When you are gone

I can not leave my sky
For your caprice
True love would soar as high
As heaven is
The eagle would not brook
Her mate thus won
Who trained his eye to look
Beneath the sun
13. Love Came Round When you left, it took me by surprise
Had no idea, how I’d agonize
Could you have at least apologized?
Love came around again
Love is such a friend
Love came round again
I put my nose to the grindstone
Wore my skin right down to the bone
But it’s no use, when you’re all alone
Love’s not everything
Love’s the only thing
Love is all that you need

Now I’ve made a brand new start
And I found the sweetest of sweethearts
But the game of love is such an art
14. From My Heart It's always been hard, for me to express
My feelings for other ones, it was just as well
Cause now I feel like somebody else
And its been you, thanks for your helpful

And what I have to say is from my heart
You fill my dreams of love like nobody else
Has ever done before in my life
So take this anyway that you will
15. Love We two that planets first had been
Are now a double star
And in the heavens may be seen
Where that we fixed are

Yet whirled with subtle power along
Into new space we enter
And evermore with spheral song
Revolve about one center
16. On A Roll Got nothing to lose
I’m on a roll
Got no good excuse
Just heart and soul
Don’t know where I’m going
But I just go
Faster than a Boeing
Hey, I’m a pro
Just like a rolling blackout
Watch out
Don’t know when I’m coming
Look out
Some say I’m driven
It could be so
Make a point of living
And stealing the show
Everything I touch is
Good as gold
If I move too fast, well
Just grab a hold
17. First Love A little bird flew down and told me
A little bird sang in my ear
Don’t hold back what you’re feeling
Let your heart be so free and clear

First love is just like magic
Nothing like it in this world
First love is oh so precious
Like diamonds, gold and mother of pearl
Lot’s of things, I don’t remember well
Lot’s of time, I sat in my cell
Lot’s of love, I still have in me
Lot’s of dreams, will they set me free?
1st verse
18. Push Comes to Shove Do you love me like you used to do
Don’t lie to me and I might forgive
If you don’t know now that’s all right by me
Just cut some slack if I, need to be free
If push comes to shove
Who do you love
If push comes to shove
Who do you love
Give me one good reason why I should stay
And all those years don’t count, they’ve faded away
Time has a way of helping us to forget
What we don’t want to and what we regret
If push comes to shove
Who do you love
Something hit me with an awful thud
From the wound drips my red, heart blood
19. Crush I’ve got a crush on her
She makes my heart murmur
My head is in a blur
I’ve got a crush on her
She’s got a crush on him
I hope it’s just a whim
‘Cuz I’d risk life and limb
I’ve got a crush on her
Does she know I’m nervous
Or am I too serious
Why is she so mysterious?
I’ve got a crush on her
Am I too scared for this
But she’s too cool to resist
She holds me prisoner
I’ve got a crush on her
I’ve got a crush on her, she's got a crush on him
I’ve got a crush on her, she's got a crush on him
20. Love's Black Hole Where were you when, into love you fell
Who were you with, do you know them still
What did you feel, deep in your heart
Did you lose control, down in love’s black hole
Love’s black hole
Twinkle little star, wonder where you are
You once shone so bright, like Super nova light
But she got too close, to what she could not see
It swallowed her soul, love’s deep, dark hole
Love’s black hole
Love’s black hole
Love’s black hole
21. Running Away (from Love) I used to be my own man
Played in a band every weekend
But since our life shattered
Nothing’s matter and I’ve felt scattered
I am running, running away
Running away from yesterday
I’ve been running, running away from love
Love is such a strange thing
You get a gold ring or time in Sing, Sing
And I’ve been through the ringer
Like a blues singer, a real hum dinger
22. Still Cressey (After All These Years) When I was a young boy, my mother said to me
Don’t be like your father, he’s no good - can’t you see
My dad was a gambler and he liked to drink a bit
He also had a temper and she had enough of it
She had her fears
He’s still Cressey after all these years
So she up and left him, went back to the farm
There I learned my manners and how to use my arms
I was such a good boy, I did well in school
But then I heard the Beatles and threw out all the rules
She had good ideas
But I’m still Cressey after all these years
So then I went to college, to learn to succeed
I did what I had to but rock ‘n roll took the lead
And now some years later, I have raised my means
Though I live a straight life, the trouble is in my jeans
You know what I fear
I’m still Cressey after all these years
23. Those Were the Times We were so young when we first met
So complicated but with no limits set
I did not distinguish between love and sex
With all the freedom
And none of the fear
Those were the times
I know I caused you, pain many times
You’ll have to forgive me, I’d paid for those crimes
But still you suffer ‘cause you’re sentenced to love
Won’t you tell me, what I should do
Would you be happy if I had married you?
‘Cause now it’s just anger clouding your view