Brand New Start - Audio CD

Album Credits

Brand New Start is my second studio album - released in 1999. Crush was recorded and produced by John Stuart in Maine who also plays guitar & keyboard. Kathy Slack and Elizabeth Ross sing background vocals on Crush. Jamil Alvi plays guitar on 300 Taxis. Sam Berg play guitar on Push Comes to Shove and is the writer of 37 Minutes. This was the first album that I recorded digitally on my new computer setup. It was mostly recorded in Redlands, CA.

1. Crush I’ve got a crush on her
She makes my heart murmur
My head is in a blur
I’ve got a crush on her
She’s got a crush on him
I hope it’s just a whim
‘Cuz I’d risk life and limb
I’ve got a crush on her
Does she know I’m nervous
Or am I too serious
Why is she so mysterious?
I’ve got a crush on her
Am I too scared for this
But she’s too cool to resist
She holds me prisoner
I’ve got a crush on her
I’ve got a crush on her, she's got a crush on him
I’ve got a crush on her, she's got a crush on him
2. Full Speed Ahead
Full speed ahead
Like a fast thoroughbred
Running ‘round the track
Don’t you ever look back
Full speed ahead
Shift down the gears
Step on the gas
Don’t waste your years
Don’t let ‘em pass
Don’t wake up one day
To find that you are last
Full speed ahead

Don’t be shy
Don’t be sad
Don’t wait until
You get mad
Make sure you get back
All that you had
Full speed ahead
3. Don't Hurt Your Head If your plans don’t work out well
Don’t hurt your head
If your dreams don’t seem to jell
Don’t hurt your head
If you’re running low on your luck
Don’t hurt your head
The whole world has gone amuck
Don’t hurt your head

If a good friend lets you down
Don’t hurt your head
If your love strays and can’t be found
Don’t hurt your head
These are things beyond our control
Don’t hurt your head
Just remember to save your soul
Don’t hurt your head
Don’t hurt your head (repeat)
4. Summer Girls Summer girls are hard to beat
Cut-off shorts and bare feet
Vacation hearts, out of state eyes
They always take you by surprise
Summer girls
We were just the guys from town
We acted cool and hung around
The grass is green on the other side
If you don’t care about your pride
Summer girls, gotta meet
Summer girls, such a treat
Summer girls
My first love and my first kiss
You don’t forget times like this
Teenage love was such a thrill
As we made love on the hill
I was shy but she was fast
I should have know it wouldn’t last
Things were good till Labor Day
When she packed up and drove away
Summer girls
5. Love Came Round When you left, it took me by surprise
Had no idea, how I’d agonize
Could you have at least apologized?
Love came around again
Love is such a friend
Love came round again
I put my nose to the grindstone
Wore my skin right down to the bone
But it’s no use, when you’re all alone
Love’s not everything
Love’s the only thing
Love is all that you need

Now I’ve made a brand new start
And I found the sweetest of sweethearts
But the game of love is such an art
6. Push Comes to Shove Do you love me like you used to do
Don’t lie to me and I might forgive
If you don’t know now that’s all right by me
Just cut some slack if I, need to be free
If push comes to shove
Who do you love
If push comes to shove
Who do you love
Give me one good reason why I should stay
And all those years don’t count, they’ve faded away
Time has a way of helping us to forget
What we don’t want to and what we regret
If push comes to shove
Who do you love
Something hit me with an awful thud
From the wound drips my red, heart blood
7. Goodbye Frozen Pipes It gets hot here in Southern California
There’s too many cars and not enough water
The air is real dirty
And the highways are worn
But for me, I’ve come back to where I was born

I’ve lived back East for so many years
Played it safe and hid from my fears
But I still felt restless
Like I was missing something
It’s hard to explain and defies reasoning

So goodbye frozen pipes and old man winter
I’ll come back to see you in the summer
But for now I’ll indulge
In the mountains and beaches
I can’t wait to find out, just what it teaches
8. The Yankee Flyer Oh New England, don’t forget me
Oh New England, don’t forget me

Back in ’35, I was ten years old
Down by the depot, we waited in the cold
For the Yankee Flyer, on her first run
One hundred tons of steel, shining in the sun

From Boston she wound, up to Crawford Notch
Looking for boulders, always on the watch
From upstate New York, through the Berkshires
No wonder they called her the Mountaineer
The Yankee Flyer was the greatest train
Ever built by the Boston & Maine
In an old yard, up near Carver Mass.
She came to rest, the last of her class
She could not outrun, the tracks of time
Barely twenty years, seemed like a crime
Oh New England, don’t forget me
Oh New England, don’t forget me
9. 300 Taxis Life in the Indies, is different than here
300 taxis wait to take you anywhere
They’ve got all day, just to sit and drive
Sunrise to midnight, when the tourists arrive

They drive little vans, made in Japan
Lay linoleum down, to protect from the sand
They just get paid off, and they’re all worn out
Ten years to the bank, that’s what it’s about
300 Taxis
300 Taxis
300 Taxis ride
I met a driver, named Abraham
He was a hard working island man
He hung with others near our resort
Or went down to the docks, when a ship came to port
10. 37 Minutes
Words & Music - Samuel Berg (c) 1999
If I had broken the chains you’ve left me in
If I had broken right from the start, the chains you’ve left me in
I’d probably have a better chance
Of seeing sunlight again

If I knew what you were going to do
If I knew right from the start, what you were going to do
If I’d listened, had I known, I’d still end up alone
But in 37 minutes I’ll be hitting the road
Well I’m gone, as soon as I break your spell
You came to me fine, I hope I see you around
I’m picking up the pieces, hey I’m on the ground
But I still don’t remember her name
I wrote myself a letter, asking to think twice
I wrote myself a letter, asking to think twice
But it’ll be quite a while
Before I take my own advice
I’ll live tomorrow, someone heard her say
I’ll live tomorrow, someone heard her say
But tomorrow’s much too late – I lived yesterday
Life is just a game, everybody knows it
Life is just a game, everybody knows it
I didn’t realize back then
You can’t play a bad hand over again
11. Little Licks
12. Blues in Open C Tuning
13. Maine Eastern Central