Sweet Spot - Audio CD

Album Credits

Sweet Spot is my third studio album - released in 2003. Clayton Crawford plays guitar on On a Roll and Dying Rock 'n' Rolled. Jamil Alvi plays guitar on Heart of Hearts and Hole in My Heart. Sam Berg plays guitar on Rumble Strip. Robert Shepard sings background vocals on Heart of Hearts. This album was recorded digitally.

1. On A Roll Got nothing to lose
I’m on a roll
Got no good excuse
Just heart and soul
Don’t know where I’m going
But I just go
Faster than a Boeing
Hey, I’m a pro
Just like a rolling blackout
Watch out
Don’t know when I’m coming
Look out
Some say I’m driven
It could be so
Make a point of living
And stealing the show
Everything I touch is
Good as gold
If I move too fast, well
Just grab a hold
2. Heart of Hearts Never thought I would
Ever feel this good
Never thought I could believe…

Some have all the luck
Some just pass the buck
I was a sitting duck for you…
After all those damn false starts
I know in my hearts of hearts
I’m coming to the best part of life…
All I know is now
All I feel is now
I’m just learning to fly …

What’s it all about
Don’t wanna leave no doubt
I can’t live without your love …

In my heart of hearts
You are off the charts
We are way too smart for sorrow
In the dream I dreamed
I saw a love supreme
We’ll be on the team tomorrow
3. The Eagle's Wing My love must be as free
As is the eagle’s wing
Hovering over land & sea
And everything
I can not dim my eye
In some saloon
I can not leave my sky
And nightly moon

Be not the fowler’s net
Which stays my flight
And craftily is set
To allure the sight
Be then the favoring gale
Which bears me on
And still does fill my sail
When you are gone

I can not leave my sky
For your caprice
True love would soar as high
As heaven is
The eagle would not brook
Her mate thus won
Who trained his eye to look
Beneath the sun
4. Dying Rock 'n Rolled I never bought in
I never really followed
I never thought you
Had to die to live

You heard the man say
It’s better to fade away
But don’t go dying for
Just another cliché
It’s never better to burn out
Who says you have to fade away
Who knows if rock ‘n roll is here to stay
I don’t wanna die before I’m old
Don’t believe everything you’re told
Living is better than dying rock ‘n rolled
I’m a survivor
I live for tomorrow
But there was a time when
I just went with the flow

Don’t get me wrong now
I don’t have any answers
But there’s just one thing
I’m sure that I know
5. First Love A little bird flew down and told me
A little bird sang in my ear
Don’t hold back what you’re feeling
Let your heart be so free and clear

First love is just like magic
Nothing like it in this world
First love is oh so precious
Like diamonds, gold and mother of pearl
Lot’s of things, I don’t remember well
Lot’s of time, I sat in my cell
Lot’s of love, I still have in me
Lot’s of dreams, will they set me free?
1st verse
6. Sweet Spot Spend our whole life searching
Spend our whole life waiting
Spend our whole wanting love
I used to be so leery
All caught up in some theory
Thank God, I’m over all that fuss
Baby, you found my sweet spot
I don’t have no second thoughts
Baby, you leave me hot to trot
Come on, let’s keep sweating the pot
Baby, you’ve passed the test
Honey you know I’m impressed
You’re way ahead of the rest

Nothing better than music
Got to sing out or lose it
Nothing better than your love
I wanna do my own thing
I wanna hear my heart sing
I wanna keep on, keeping on
7. Hole in My Heart When I think of how
I used to love you
It’s a wonder I
Wasn’t more confused

I guess you win a few
I guess you lose a few
But I’ve never found
That many dreams come true
It’s like a hole in my heart
So many times, I fell apart
I’d like to think that I
Really got over you
But here I am today
Talking ‘bout old news

Were we just too scared?
Did we hold it back?
Were we stuck inside?
Way too tough to crack
I wanna feel just what you feel
I wanna love like it’s going out of style
I wanna make this worth your while
I wanna go that extra mile
8. Lived to Tell About It Early August 1, 1943
Our planes took off for Ploesti
We were the best of the 8th Air Corp
Our mission, Tidal Wave, was to end this war
The sky and clouds both turned jet black
As we were hit by heavy flak
Only half of us made it back
But I lived to tell about it
Yes I lived to tell about it
Surprise was the plan, for the last attack
Hopeless efforts to break through our back
One man’s desperate act, we would indulge
So began the Battle of the Bulge
We pushed on through snow and bitter cold
We fought hard to close the choke hold
Thousands died when it was all told
It was crazy back in the 60’s
The war was tearing apart our society
We lost all of the good Kennedy’s
And we took drugs to escape reality
Some fools died trying to reach the other side
But I knew I had to survive
It was something that I felt inside
9. Rumble Strip
10. Never Grow Up If I never grow up, I won’t get old
If I keep on loving, I won’t feel cold
If I never grow up, I’ll be young at heart
I just gotta keep laughing, and playing the part
I will never grow up I will always show up I will never give up, now
If I never grow up
I’ll be like a child
Living life so easy
And running wild
If I never grow up
I’ll be forever young
Just gotta keep steady
And hold my tongue