Going Nowhere Fast - Audio Single


Going Nowhere Fast is my lastest single - released digitally in September, 2022. I am playing all instruments including guitars, bass and drum programming. Robert Arconti provided sax tracks.

I'm going nowhere fast
I need a place to crash
I just ran out of gas
Bad weather in my forecast

I can't think without sleep
Sleeping pills are dirt cheap
I'm in up to my neck deep
I lost my soul on the junk heap
I lost my sense of time
I got no reason or rhyme
I live on nickels and dimes
I keep falling falling behind
My mind is mixed-up mess
Friends think I'm under stress
My shrink says I'm depressed
Man I could care less
I'm like a rat in a cage
Spinning the wheel in a cage
I need to act my age
The world is just a stage
I'm going nowhere fast
Got to put it all in the past
Going nowhere fast
My life has no contrast
I guess the die is cast
Going nowhere fast
Going nowhere fast